Dilemma Buster...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Current Mood: Restless

Adobe Photoshop is really fun!!!

I am currently enjoying my life right now though I really have a big problem when it comes to my love era!!!! Hahahaha!!! I'm still confused and dazed right now. I am still in a dilemma and it is rattling my mind definitely!!! Still, i find ways to get out of the big F situation. Honestly!!! I want to end it right this very moment. But I guess, I cannot take my chances and I need to weight in the situation. I admit I cannot afford to lose the latter!!!! Need I mention or drop names here!!!! Still I need to think about it a hundred times!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bliss is the right term to use for what I am feeling right now. I am definitely happy with what is going on in my life and I don't think I ever had the right to complain. My life is going so smooth that complaining will be of disgrace.

Diamond Necklace given as

an Anniversary gift!!!

Still going GAGA over learning
professional photography!!!

Right Versus Wrong

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am definitely in turmoil right now. I am very happy with what is going in my life yet deep down I am hurting. i really don't know whether to choose my happiness or whether to choose the right thing. Please help me get out of this fucking situation. This tree can describe how I feel right now.

Photography at its best!!!

I wanted to study photography!!!
Can somebody give me a manual camera!!!!
Where the hell can I purchase one!!!

The Truth Will Set You Free

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Present Given by myBest friend!!!

One thing that is rattling my mind right now is to choose whether to be happy but wrong or right but sad!!! I am currently in a dilemma right now. I don't know what to choose. One thing I hate the most is hurting other people. I would rather hurt myself than to hurt other people just by making myself happy!!! I would rather sacrifice my own happiness. I just don't know what to do right now. I would like to thank my bebezt for yet another stuff toy, this time my other favorite character Marvin the Martian. You really know when to make me happy when I'm down!!!

I am Crazy With Flip...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Flip named Pinki Flippy
I am definitely going crazy with flip. I've been busy finding one and still I cannot. I am so desperate to have one now. I hate it!!!! I will definitely dawn on one sooner or later though!!! I am sick as hell and this has been going for days now. I can't afford to miss work since I'll definitely miss Frnz. Hahahah!!! Officially going back to school tomorrow.!!!

Lunch Date and Taz

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thanx Best For the Wonderful Surprise!!!

I had a wonderful lunch date with my my colleagues last Saturday In Max's Restaurant in Market! Market!. Jessa, Floyd, Borj, Frnz, BG and me had a wonderful lunch out. Larv the experience. I would like to add up my sincere gratitude to my best friend for giving me a Taz stuff toy. You trully know how to make my heart skip.

Things Money Can't Buy . . .

Sunday, June 1, 2008

1. First Kisses.
2. Getting to a class late and realizing that the professor isn't there yet.
3. The loyalty of a good friend.
4. Getting out of a bad relationship.
5. Seeing an old friend, after a long time.
6. The feeling of sand on your toes.
7. Lying on the grass and staring at the sky.
8. Having a meaningful relationship that last well into the night.
9. A shoulder to cry on.
10. A baby's smile.
11. Love.
12. Forgiveness.
13. Taking your shoes off after an exhausting day.
14. A back rub from someone your love.
15. A good night's sleep.
16. How a good song can really, really affect you.
17. A letter from a loved one.
18. Drinking the night before and waking up without a hang-over.
19. Big warm hugs.
20. The triumph of finishing a project.
21. A perfectly delivered punchline.
22. Text messages from your crush.
23. Having a crush.
24. Heartfelt laughter.
25. Reading old letters.
26. Saying " I LOVE YOU" and meaning it.
27. Having someone tell you " I LOVE YOU" and knowing he/she means it.
28. Dogs wagging their tails on you.
29. Winning a contest.
30. Holding your loved one's hand.
31. Falling in-love.
32. People remembering your birthday.
33. Dancing in the rain.
34. Water fights.
35. Photographs of you childhood.
36. A job offer.
37. Waking up early on a Monday and finding out that school has been canceled.
38. Passing a test you were sure you were going to fail.
39. Having your friends trust you with their secrets.
40. Belonging.
41. A nice hot bath.
42. Surprises.
43. Going home at 6 A.M. with a smile plastered on your face.
44. Watching th sunrise and watching the sunset.
45. Finding something you've been looking for for ages.
46. People loving what you cooked.
47. The perfect landing.
48. Conquering a fear.
49. Appreciation.
50. Having people listen.
51. Nicknames- nice one.
52. Beautiful dreams.
53. Marriage proposals.
54. Hope.
55. Beating a deadline.
56. Playing dress up.
57. Singing in the shower.
58. Seeing your answering machine's light blinking when you come home at night.
59. Growing up.
60. Your mother saying beautiful things about you.
61. Waking up happy.
62. The magic of words.
63. Rebuilding broken relationships.
64. Meeting someone you've always admired.
65. Getting star-struck.
66. Coming up with harmless pranks.
67. Playing matchmaker.
68. Flirting.
69. Being able to curl up beside Grandma.
70. A photograph of yourself that you actually like.
71. Your grandparent's stories about the past.
72. Requited love- or even crush.
73. Trust.
74. Having someone singing for you.
75. That moment when a perfect idea hits you.
76. Having your old jeans fit again.
77. Making up after a fight.
78. Rereading your favorite book.
79. Getting your priorities straight.
80. Having a friend call you the exact moment you thought about calling him/her.
81. Perfect naps.
82. People noticing the effects of your diet and gym routine.
83. Indulging in your passion.
84. Knowing that people are happy to see you.
85. Running into your old teacher and realizing they still remember you.
86. The relief that washes over you on the last day of school.
87. Peace of mind.
88. Family.
89. Not missing your favorite TV show.
90. Opening the fridge and discovering they left one slice of cheesecake just for you.
91. Sincere compliments.
92. Receiving a long-distance call from someone you've been missing.
93. Tripping over your own feet and looking up to see that no one noticed.
94. Finally memorizing the lyrics of your favorite song.
95. Being able to play your first musical instrument.
96. Snuggling under the covers.
97. Meeting fascinating new people who find you fascinating, too.
98. Reading other people's journal- with their permission.
99. Finding a gem of an e-mail from someone you actually want to hear from buried in a pile of work related e-mails.
100. Falling asleep in a loved one's arms.