That ALDUB Effect

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

And I'm back.... I know... I know... I've been M-I-A for a very long time ... Having a writer's block is so overrated as an excuse but I have it to blame.

One conversation can lead to another though which explains this blog post...

Let me share my 2 cents... (Note: This is a back entry since I've created this post way back September 25,2015. Pardon me for posting this late.)

I have been very vocal that I have a lot of guy friends. I've practically grew up with my guy cousins as well. Technically speaking you can consider me as one of the boys minus the boyish outfit and such... Since I grew up surrounded by guys, I knew all their secrets and their carefree ways when it comes to girls and their perspective when it comes to courtship.

Gone were the days of going to one's girl's house and asking permission from the parental if they can woo their precious daughter.

Gone were the days where guys would exert effort just to get that Magical YES.

In the present time, sending SMS, instant messages from Facebook and Viber replaced handwritten letters and such...

I understand that and is completely okay with that (Hey!!! You... yes you... don't give me that eye-roll, I grew up in the modern era)

Everybody knows me well enough as one ALDUB fan girl. I'm one of those who continuously tweet and go gaga with every Kalye Serye Episode but that doesn't mean that I will rave and create a post just for that.

But what strikes me the most and one of the reason for creating this post was my previous conversation with a guy friend whom I've known since college.

Ran was one typical modern day guy. He doesn't like to put extra effort in courting the girl she has an eye for. Courtship doesn't exist in his vocabulary. For him, courtship is just putting the guy's best foot forward.

However, change is the only constant thing in this world. It is indeed inevitable.

One sunny afternoon, while sipping my favorite Caramel Frappucino Affogato Style coffee and while checking for twitter updates, Ran asked me about my thoughts on why ALDUB is an in thing and why there are a lot of people who's so into it...

CTTO: Split Screen Pa More....

I said my piece, ALDUB is an epitome of traditional romance. It depicts the Filipino fairy tale dream. A  simple girl with an over-bearing, overprotective granny being wooed by a knight in shining armor = Romance.

Simple as that.

I wasn't expecting his thoughts though.

Ran: Alam mo naman, hindi ako naniniwala sa ligaw. Arte lang yan. Kung kayo, kayo.

Me: I know.

Ran: Pero, pare nung pinanood ko yung Eat Bulaga kanina narining ko si Alden nung sinabi niya kay Sam YG na Chivalry is not dead.

Me: Blank Face (What's on my head though was, where is this convo going?")

Ran: So, sabi ko, anong pinagsasabi nito. I tried searching for the Kalye Serye episode since sabi ni Ry, panoorin ko daw ng matuto ako.

Me: Go on...

Ran: Ayun na nga, nakita ko yung ginawa ni Alden when he payed respect to Yaya Dub's parents. And I was like, pakitang tao naman to.

Me: Okay...

Ran: And then the date itself, wow... Yung feeling na gusto na niyang lapitan yung girl and gusto niyang habulin pero naisip niyang sundin yung habilin ni Wally.

Me: Yah, I'm a fan girl. I know that. I've watched every single episode. So, what's your point?!?

Ran: I've realized, this Kalye Serye is teaching me something. Alden set an example on how to win one girl's heart the right way. Sabi, nga nila, mas masarap pag pinaghirapan mo kasi alam mong kahit anong mangyari, ano mang problemang dumating sa relasyon, ipaglalaban mo kasi pinaghirapan mo. Hindi mo basta basta itatapon yun. I've learned that in order for a relationship to last, you have to learn to fix what's broken and that I should always put an effort for it to last.

Me: Dumb founded

What can I say.... Eat Bulaga and Kalye Serye is not just for that kilig effect... It is indeed a must see because of all the lessons its inculcating not only in the minds of the young ones but of those old ones.

Bravo for that.

Laters Baby....

Bucket List 2.0

Monday, October 26, 2015

I know I've been MIA for a very long time... Work load has piled up and I did have a very hectic schedule... Thought of sharing some changes on my Bucket List Today Though...

Posted this entry way back 2012 I think and I had to cross some of it... Yes... This is my way of checking if I have indeed fulfilled some of my Bucket List for the past 3 years...

1. Write and publish a book perhaps of my colorful life existence.

2. Sing in front of an audience (I hope my audience will be able to appreciate my frog-like voice) Ashihihihihihhhh...

> Yip... I had conquered my fear of singing in front of a lot of people. Still sing like a frog though... Ashihihihihhhh...

3. Marry someone I love (perhaps a beach wedding)

4. Be a coach while I still play my own game

5. Climb a hill or a mountain then shout at the top of my lungs

6. Night swimming on a beach then sleep beside a bonfire with my friends

7. Travel around the world

8. Visit and give thanks to my favorite teacher

9. Run and play under the rain with my niece and sister

> Best day of my life should I say....

10. Ride a zip line even if I am afraid of heights.

11. Ride in a submarine

13. Be a great mother and wife

14. Capture the most beautiful smile and preserve it on a picture

15. Save a life

16. To find a star and name it after me

17. Ask for forgiveness to the people I caused pain and forgive those who caused me

19. Ride the Maid of the Mist boat ride

20. Live on a place where no one knows me and walk through the streets alone while admiring the place

21. Touch a giraffe’s neck

22. Learn to ride a bicycle and join a Triathlon

23. Learn to play the guitar

24. Get closure on all my hurt, grievances and unhappiness of the past

> I have indeed gotten that closure.... And to be honest, I feel more complete than ever...

25. Learn to ice skate

26. Catch a firefly on my hand

28. Go ice fishing

29. Go on a road trip on random places

30. Learn to speak French

31. Do something completely crazy and out of character

> Been tagged as JOLOGS for supporting ALDUB but who cares... Spending time to go to Philippine Arena just to support their cause but who cares... Yes, I know, its completely out of my character and its completely crazy... Crossing this out though...

32. Be a judge or a critic on a competition

33. Fly in a hot air balloon

34. Perform a kind deed to strangers without expecting anything in return

> Through the past 3 years since I posted this entry, I can say that I did that random act of kindness shindig more than once... Happy A indeed...

35. Swim on the dead sea

36. Witness an Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights

37. Have a dinner at the top of Eiffel tower

38. Fly a kite with my cousins on an old train railroad at home

39. Meet my favorite authors namely Mitch Albom, Paulo Coelho, E.L. James, Sylvia Day and Joy Fielding

40. Carve my name on a tree on that place I always call home

41. Go stargazing on a meadow

42. To experience the cherry blossoms in Japan

43. Write a letter for myself to be read 10 years from now

44. Write a letter for my future children

45. Experience the wild life in Africa

46. Bury a time capsule to be opened by my grandchildren

47. Tell to the people I love that I love them randomly

48. Kiss the one I love under the rain

49. Visit a castle in England

50. Visit the Colosseum in Rome

51. Send a message in a bottle on a beach/ocean

52. Make promise of love in front of the Taj Mahal in India 

53. Touch other people’s lives to be remembered and to prove my existence

54. Experience bungee jumping

55. Make a difference

There are a lot left to be crossed-out but at least I'm making progress... Yes, indeed I am a work in progress... I'm learning from different people everyday. I am inspired by random people who give back to the world. 

Laters Baby....