Emotions Washed Out

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'll make this short and sour.

The truth will remain the truth, regardless of how warped it may sound coming from a false tongue.

The eyes of the sober sees everything, despite the assumed delusions of hidden desires and feelings. Such an assumption is a lie, which I consider crass and inappropriate...

Nevertheless, despicable.

Mere figments of your drug induced imagination.

Let sleeping dragons lie, lest they devour your blind head in all it's intelligence.

For as long as I care, and these sober eyes can see, you shall not harm me. Count on it.

Oh, and if you think this post is all about YOU, don't ask, because it probably is.

Laters Baby,

Because It Freaking Hurts...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why does it still hurt?!?

I think I'm starting to feel the depressing grip of loneliness. I thought that I could fare well being alone but I guess it's just human nature to want to belong to someone or associate yourself with someone. It's like being in a state of immobility where I wait for the clock to tick, for each day to pass by as I detach myself from the habit I formed with that someone and now I am seeing things in different perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I still have people in my immediate surrounding but I am divorced from them all or I am in an alternate plane where nobody sees me grieving, let alone wholeheartedly speak to anyone of them about what I'm truly feeling inside. The people who do not dare enter my so-called dimension, however, are the ones I will forever cherish and refuse to forget. The drawback is that when they're gone, my sadness creeps back to me and I succumb to it even more severely.

Laters Baby,

The Cycle Of Love...

Friday, November 25, 2016

Random Shit...

When someone from your past exerted an effort to be part of your present, there will be that wishful thinking that he will be your future.

Days passed, months even. You will realize, you still have feelings. That deep connection you once shared will keep crawling back.

You’ll hope. You’ll crave. And when you finally decided to give it another shot, reality will slap you straight to your face.

He just wants to haunt you. He just wants to taunt you. But in the end, he doesn’t damn need you.

He will leave you heartbroken once again, crushed into tiny bits of pieces.

You’ll cry. You’ll bleed. You’ll suffer. You’ll die.

You will continue living even if you’re dead inside. Then, you will start the slow process of moving on.

You will start to build a strong, wall and cage your heart.

After a gazillion of sleepless nights and buckets of tears shed, you will start to let the feelings go.

And when you finally did, that is the time he will start to crawl back into your life once again.

This is where the cycle begins.

Laters Baby...

To The One Who Will Love Her Next...

Monday, October 17, 2016

She'll get very jealous. For pete sake, she gets jealous. Those dark brown eyes will turn into deep black. She hates that about herself but she doesn't mean to do it. On that topic, she will need constant reassurance. Tell her you love her and mean it. If you can't do it, leave. She deserves more than that.

There will be nights that she goes out and drink a little too much. She'll call you to bring her home. When you do, she'll  try to keep you up all night by tickling you and keep on repeating "I Love You and I'm sorry, I know I'm annoying." She's not annoying. But make sure she drinks plenty of water and don't let her pass out until she drinks it or she will be miserable in the morning.

She is the most independent woman I know but she's so insecure, it still breaks my heart. So, when she'll start an argument with "you don't love me."  Do not get upset. Remind her you do and the reasons why. She'll come around.

The cat comes first. Always. Don't think otherwise.

Send her a message in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. She loves the feeling that it's her you think first as you open your eyes in the morning and as you end your tiring day.

When she's having anxiety attack, wrap her in your arms and rub her back. Tell her she's safe and there's a medication if she needs it.

Don't ignore her calls. If you can't answer her right now, send her a message right away. She'll get upset if you don't. Keep this in mind, she is calling you just to say "I Love You", a simple "I Miss You" or remind you to eat when you will engrossed with what you are doing.

She don't like vegetables but believe me, she'll eat it if you will keep on insisting. She will love pleasing you all the time.

Don't her bring her to dark places and worst, don't leave her alone into dark places, she looks strong but she doesn't like dark places. Always turn on the lights.

When you tell her that you are sick, don't get annoyed if she will keep an eye on you and keep on checking you every now and then. She cares.

Don't give her the cold treatment. It will upset her and she'll start to think that you deserve someone better. Try to talk to her if she did something wrong. Believe me, she will never do it again. That's how much she will respect you as a man.

When you will be having an argument, never ever raise your voice on her. It will scare her.

When you'll miss her and you badly want to see her, she'll be there right away. Anytime of the day, regardless of the distance, without a second thought.

Losing her will be a pain you will never shake. Your world will come crashing down on you and those pieces won't ever fit the way they used to. DON'T EVER LET HER GO.

She will love you with all she got. Give her your all and she'll return the favor. You will never have to ask the universe for anything ever again.

A name you'll hear in passing

Laters Baby...


Friday, June 10, 2016

I am proud to say that I no longer have myself attached to you for I have moved on. Though my heart has been broken time and time again, I know that I will always manage to mend myself and spread my wings to once again fly away. My fate is engraved in stone, and it says that I will live to find someone who will provide me the solace, affection and understanding I've always yearned and deserved. I thought I couldn't live without you but the fact that I stand on my own two feet at this very moment proves that I can be fine without you. The dream is over. Now, I am smiling back again.

Laters Baby,