Sex and the City Movie Premier

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, I was there. First day of showing and I was there. So, what if I can't wait. I cannot find the urge to watch it. I have been a fan since the show was aired. It was not yet a hit when I first dawn at the show and it made a big impact on me. I was one of the person who became sad when the show has ended. And now. I have the chance to watch the 4 again I couldn't miss the movie. I love the movie.

The Urge to Let Go....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Current Emotion: Confused

*I am craving for Pastas this past few weeks and where else can I dine out.... Italianni's... Delish Foods....
*I am super enjoying my ala adopted baby brother's vacation
*If you love pastas Chef De Angelo's offers great pasta with a very reasonable price.
*I need my cup of Joe to keep me going.

My day started from oh so blissful to confused to hurting. I was very happy a while ago but I was hurting now ( I'll keep the reason secret).... Going back to work again!!!

I don't need anybody's approval in this post. I just need to rant and my blog is the best place to go (Where Else???!!!).

Of Another Birthday Bash and World Pyro Olmpics

I tag May 24, 2008 as one of the most memorable day of my life. My ala adopted brother Arbj and ala adopted sister Anne went here in Manila for a vacation. It was Anne's birthday so we decided to celebrate it by going to Mall of Asia since they haven't been there for they are based in Ilocos Sur. We decided to spend some time and money in Timezone since we enjoy playing virtual games. We dine out in Chef De Angelo's and went to watch the 3rd World Pyro Olympics. One great day I will always cherish.

Till next year for the
4th World Pyro Olympics

Meeehhh Drooling Over Giorgio Armani Phone...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Marathon

Sunday, May 18, 2008

One thing I enjoy doing during rest days is to watch tons of movie. I did enjoyed Iron Man last Saturday so I decided to buy original dvd's since all my collections are worn out. I bought Forbidden Kingdom and 10,000 B.C. since I did not have the chance to watch the said movies when it was shown. I did enjoy Forbidden Kingdom since I love martial arts and kung-fu fighting. I always love Chow Yan Fat, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. So when I heard that Jackie and Jet will do a movie together I was really happy. Larv the movie!!!

Can't wait for Sex and the City
and Mariah's latest movie...

Movie Buff and Birthday Bash...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yesterday is one of the happiest moment in life. I celebrated my birthday together with my friend Marlon whom I miss so much since he is based in Antipolo, my sister and my baby... We did watch Iron Man. Yeahh, I know it was aired a week ago but being the busy me, I cannot afford to take a day off and watch it on time. I love the movie anyway. After the movie we went to Timezone. Heheh!!! I might be 23 but I still enjoy playing virtual games. After Timezone, we went to Kenny Roger's to dine out together. I love the celebration.

Iron Man for ME....

From the era of Superman and Wonder Woman came a hero that is human. Finally, Batman is no longer alone to save the world. I really appreciate Robert Downey Jr.'s superb acting along with Gywneth Paltrow. I love the effects. It exceeds my expectation. The effects surpasses that of Transformers. I love the movie!!

Hottie or Nottie
I Love
Paris Hilton
Can't wait to see the movie!!!


Friday, May 16, 2008

It's been 2 years and 4 months since me and my baby got together. It was the start of the thousand blissful moments I had ever since. 2 years is not easy. Really!!! It takes a lot of hard work and lots of love, understanding, forgiveness and honesty. Well, I did it!!!


Yeah, I know 2 years is long.
It went well.
Will still go smooth.
We did it!!!

Birthday Gift

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As a present from our dear Q.A., I received an Incident Report. Too bad for him!!!! I am not in the mood today so I decided not to sign the said I.R.

Just this!!!! No matter how nice and cool I seem to be, I know how to put some moods. And my Q.A. received an award from me. I am not gonna tolerate wrong perceptions. Just this one. No matter what my Q.A. do and no matter how hard he try, we will never gonna convince each other.



Here are some glimpse of our team building activity in Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo last Sunday. Enjoy!!!


I would like to greet meeehhhzeeelllllffff an advance happy happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

I am definitely fulfilled right now. I have a very loving boyfriend, have very reliable friends, good job, great supervisors and I m going back to school. Life seems so great and everything is falling into places!!!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's final. I'm definitely going back to school. I enrolled last Saturday. I have finally reached one of my goals and that is to go back to school without having to resign from work. I was in Loreland farm resort yesterday for S-M-U-G-S team building. Unfortunately though, my overnight stay was postponed due to lack of management. I was hoping that girls and boys would actually have a different rooms to stay in with but that didn't pursue. So, I had to leave early. I am still tired as of today since our first activity was an Amazing Race kinda theme which requires a lot of running, puzzle solving and a lot more running and finding clue. It was really tiring but we had and mostly me had fun. My team which was named Team Talong won!!! Go Talong!!! Go, Go Talong, Talong!!!

Long Been Overdue

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am definitely going back to school. I already have my Form-137 handy and all I need to do now is to go to La Consolacion to get my Transcript of Records. I'm planning to go there on Saturday and then afterward go to Arellano to enroll. I've decided to go to Arellano instead since it is situated near my place, anyway that is so long overdue. I could study while working. Ashihihihih!!!