Monday, November 7, 2011

Re-Post with a new Answer..........

This is what is happening when you don't have anything to do....

@Song playing at the moment?-> Angel's Cry by Mariah Carey ft. Ne-Yo

@My reason for living?-> My niece Princess Jewel and my will to live...

@Do u think your crush is sexy?-> super hot!!!!

@Ever donated blood?-> yap...

@Fave color(s)?-> all shades of blue with a little touch of pink formy feminine side...

@Accessories you usually wear?-> watch

@One song to describe a heartbreak?-> one last cry, negative things

@Last place you went in?-> office...

@Last person who disappointed you?-> Ryan

@The most boring sport?-> Is there a boring sport???

@Ever had a baby?-> yap...

@The funniest movie you watched in the past?-> a lot....the most recent is Zombadings....

@Any piercings or tattoo?--> ears,,, i used to have one in my tounge.... and i'm planning to have a tattoo...

@The most romantic gift?-> IPhone 4

@Sang on stage before?-> yap.... elementary days...

@Struck by lightning before?-> what a silly question...... ashihihihhh ^_~

@Dance with the one you loved before?-> yap... and i love it and....

@Ever wished you could turn back time?-> Not anymore!!! Everything happens for a reason!!!

@What would you think each day you wake up?-> thank God for a new day, wish things were different plus if me and ---- will still got back together???? ashihihihihihhh ^_~

@three songs that's meaningful to you?-> weak- sisters with voice -> saving forever for you- shanice -> you are beautiful- james blunt

@What will you do after this?-> go home since I am just waiting for my colleague's shift to end

@One thing you totally regretted doing?-> loving somebody who is worthless and is super insensitive.... probably loving beyond my capacity

@Do people like you?-> i know some.... but i know not all... haler... i can't please everybody!!!!

@What was the last game you played on the computer?-> Nancy Drew... Phantom Of Venice

@Someone who means a lot to you at the moment?-> mah siblings, mah dad, mah mom, kheng, tina, dean, tc tynie, the whole Jampaylupz....

@The color of your mobile phone?-> black....

@Do you hate someone at the moment?-> no...

[Marital Status]:~ single....hayz...

[Shoe size]:~ it varies but mostly 9 1/2 to 10

[Parents still together]:~ nope....

[Siblings]:~ 3

[Pets]:~ two dogs, a japanese poodle

FAVORITES[Color]:~ all shades of blue with a little touch of pink

[Animal]:~ dogs

[Drinks]:~ green mango shakes, blueberry shakes

[Soda]:~ orange soda

[Book]:~ tuesdays with morrie, celestine prophecy

[Flower]:~ tulips

DO YOU[Color your hair?]:~ yap.....

[Twirl your hair?]:~ yap

[Have tattoos?]:~ nope,,, intend to have one... Alibata

[Cheat on tests/homework?]:~ yap.... who doesn't anyway....

[Drink/Smoke?]:~ went back to smoking, still drink occassionally but i can't now... ashihihihhh ^_~

[Like roller coasters?]:~ b4 nope coz i'm afraid of heights,,,, now yes....

[Wish you could live somewhere else?]:~ yap....

[Like cleaning?]:~ yapie....

[Write in cursive or print?]:~ both

[Know how to drive?]:~ yap....

[Own a cell phone?]:~ yap.

[Ever get off the damn computer?]:~ i don't think i'll ever will

HAVE U EVER[Been in a fist fight?]:~ yap

[Considered being a hooker?]:~ nope

[Lied to someone?]:~ sadly but yes

[Been in love?]:~ yap.... so much... up to now with Ry...

[Been in lust?]:~ yap.... ashihihihhhh^_~

[Held a gun]:~ nope....

CURRENTS[Current clothing]:~ black see-through top with a black cardigan and a black slacks with a metallic doll shoes (all black)

[Current mood]:~ sleepy....

[Current taste]:~ sweets

[Current hair]:~ straight but i'm planning to get my hair curled.... ^_~

[Current thing(holding)]:~ keyboard

[Current cd in stereo]:~ no longer buying a cd since I have an ipod

[Last book you read]:~ BLADE.... ashihihihihhh ^_~

[Last movie you saw]:~ Zoo Keeper

[Last thing you ate]:~ Nagaraya

[Last person you talked to on the phone]:~ Ryan

[Do drugs?]:~ nope..

[Believe there is life on other planets?]:~ think so

[Remember your first love?]:~ a little but the recent will forever be in my mind...

[Still love him/her?]:~ nope,,,^_~ (Si Ry,,, uu)

[Read the newspaper?]:~ yap...

[Have any gay or lesbian friends?]:~ a lot

[Believe in miracles?]:~ yap.... so much

[Do well in school?]:~ welllllllll.....

[Wear hats]:~ sometimes... depends on my mood

[Hate yourself?]:~ nope

[Have an obsession?]:~ and accesories

[Collect anything?]:~ yap.... shoes, bags and accesories

[Have a best friend?]:~ yap

[Close friends?]:~ a lot
[Like your handwriting?]:~ sort of... ^_~

[Care about looks]:~ not all the time...

LOVE LIFE[First crush]:~ a guy named oddrey... did i spell it ryt???

[Do you believe in love at first sight?]:~ before no, but now yap... it happened

[Do you believe in "the one?"]:~ yap...

ARE U A[Bitch/Asshole]:~ I am definitely a BITCH!!!

[sarcastic]:~ sometimes

[an Angel]:~ to some of mah peepz yap...

[Devil]:~ yap... I am an angel and a devil rolled into one....

[Shy]:~ depends...

[Talkative]:~ yap.... i am.... i admit it...


1 HOUR AGO:* surfing the net, eating

1 DAY AGO:* sleeping

1 YEAR AGO:* this time of the year, taking in calls

I LOVE:* my baby angel

I HATE:* biatchesss

I FEEL:* happy and very blessed but somehow dejected

I HIDE:* my true feelings

I DRIVE:* used to drive the revo and jaguar of my friend.... driving my aunt's crv for a road trip or Ryan's Nissan Xtrail

I MISS:* my late father, my baby brother mempz, how I used to be before and what Ry and I have had in the past....

I LEARNED:* to grow up, act for my age and be strong

I NEED:* a fucking stress free days

I THINK:* i should be more focus on my ambitions


First screen name:* Aivi

First piercing:* ears

First credit card:* ooohhhh jesus......

First enemy:* si kuya... higpit kc but now, medyo nlng

First musician you remember hearing in your house:* mah guardian....


Last car ride:* Ryan's Xtrail

Last kiss:* Ryan

Last movie seen:* Zoo Keeper

Last food consumed:* Nagaraya

Last phone call:* Sam

Last CD played:* using IPod now

Last drink drank:* Mountain Dew

Last time scolded: * I'm not being scolded anymore


I AM: Aika

I WANT: to take life to the fullest

I HAVE: good friends by my side

I WISH: Ryan would grow up and act for his age

I WONDER: why things didn't work out the way i planned it

I ALWAYS: stay in Ryan's house... Rooftop and his bedroom to be exact....

I DANCE: in the tune of my neck, my back

I SING: often

I CRY: a bucket of tears and still crying

I AM NOT ALWAYS: in the mood to walk and to go to work...

I WRITE: journals and poems

I WIN: my friend's heart and trust

I LOST: a very good lasting relationship

I GOT CONFUSE: with what i really want in life

I SHOULD: think a hundred times before i decide into something....


NUMBER(S): 05, 14 and 15

COLOR(S): all shades of blue wid a touch of pink

MONTH(S): may, october, november

SONG(S): saving forever/cupid/weak/you are beautiful/angel's cry/ you gotta be

SEASON: spring

DRINK(S): orange soda, green mango shake, blueberry shake, lemonade and watermelon shake


CRIED? nope....



GONE TO THE MOVIES? no, wish i could

SAID 'i love you'?: yes (to Ryan for always being there for me)

WRITTEN A REAL LETTER: nope.... was about to... a resignation letter....

WRITTEN IN A DIARY? yap, blogs of course

HAD A SERIOUS TALK?: yes, with Ryan