Eyes Wide Open

Monday, March 31, 2008

My eyes are wide open today. I did not get the sleep I needed to fulfill my job and to retain my energy for the rest of my shift. Remember, I am in closer shift, so that means that my shift will start at 1:00 to 10:00 in the morning. In that sense, I realize I miss the DVD Department since I have a 4 by 11 shift in that department. I had a 3 day straight rest day that will fill in my being a couch potato. Just wanted to reiterate that I'm happy with STA its just that I can't help but think about my petiks mode in DVD. (Such a dillema right?!?) Need to perform my best today since today is the start of my Q.A. auditing. Gee.... I'm cramming.... Definitely cramming.

Venting Out....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, My eyes are drooping, and falling flat on my face from some mild form of fatigue would be the most logical thing to do. But, at this point, too much of my mental energy is also going into trying hard to adjust to a newfound state of busy-ness that is not anymore limited to taking in calls as a technical support agent but to reading books and worrying about thesis since I'll be going back to school this June. I wonder if I can really manage to go to school and work at the same time though.

I thank God for work opportunities and the patience to take on each task and job I get. I crave being busy, having meetings to go to, going to work and learning more about the world I'm beginning to love.

Can I just say something, though... I have to get used to not being able to find the many quiet times I used to so enjoy, the free time I could use to do things like finish reading not one HALF of a book, but SEVERAL books or taking a nap anytime or simply doing movie marathons. That is why i love rest days!!! Only during rest days can I feel that I'm still a person worthy of rest and refreshment. Just like yesterday, when all I did was to slouch like a couch potato, while munching on some chip and dips and watching several dvds. Of course, I go on my blog and find that I can be somewhat alone there for a moment, so here I am, venting to you almost everyday of my life.

My little frustrations do build up, but the bursting can end this minute. I figure that this is the life I need to re-adjust to whatever goals I need to fulfill. I'm not sure whether to flinch or savour it as the thought of the real world (or REEL world?) pierces my skin. But whatever it is I'm willing to take chances. Anyway, what is life without taking chances right?

Goodbye Petiks Mode

Friday, March 28, 2008

Starting today I will bid goodbye to my Petiks Mode. I will start taking in calls like everybody. I will miss the days when all I need to do is to wake up, go to work and sit down while listening to good old fun stories of my batch mate. Time to work!!!! I am kinda cramming right now. I never expected to received calls in an interval of 10 seconds. I miss SEA!!! Can somebody pull me back to SEA!!! Anyway Pikachu arrived and supported us. Just adding up that I received a beach banig from the company. I am happy and mystified today!!!

First Call Syndrome

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yesterday was one of the most shocking experience I ever had in a call center. Our beloved trainer Maya advised us that we all need to take in one call. Being the gutsy me, I followed her instruction. You know the next right.... I am the one who took the first call in the batch. Well, I was just lucky to received a very easy bluetooth pairing call and resolved the issue. though I don't want to be biased to SEA, I am really having fun in STA. I just wish I won't be the same bitchy agent that I used to be when I was in SEA. Anyway, we will take in calls today. I can't wait to anyway, since the First Call Syndrome has gone away. Ciao!!!

Of Pikachu and More

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am a huge fan of those persons who have a high intellect and of course great personality. One of those is our beloved Pikachu. We fondly call him as that because his eyes looks like that of the cute pocket monster. Ashihihih!!! Trust me, Pikachu is always around the corner having the answer to those surreal queries. Well, got inspired to do my best today. Our O.M. whom I call Manic (just because she has that bipolar disorder) is not around the corner. That is one great reason to celebrate and be inspired. We are still undergoing training. For whatever reason I don't know how our trainer eventually did it. I think that my luck save the day.

A Day Full of Hatred and Bitterness

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I never imagined that this day would dawn (of course it's still day in call center world in this unholy hours of the night right?!?). We will now take in calls. I really hate our O.M. for being so insane. I just hate the fact that we are being manipulated. One of the reason why I want to stay is because I don't want to miss the camaraderie I gained from staying in S-M-U-G. I just wish that our organization will be changed for the better.

Dysfunctional O.M.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just received the worst news of the day from our beloved trainer. Our Petiks Mode training will be cut short. Instead of another long week training, ours will only last up to Wednesday and we will start taking calls on Thursday (half of the shift) and then the whole shift of Friday. And then suddenly another explosive news came from one of her subordinate. That subordinate announced that we will be taking calls tomorrow. Kala ko pa naman one week Petiks Mode pa. Hindi na pala. I think our O.M. has a Bipolar Disorder. One moment, she's cool, the next moment she will be super disoriented and dysfunctional. Loka-loka!!! She's actually the one who organized our schedule and for no apparent reason she changed it because she just want to. Hate her!!! I think that she needs to consult a psychiatrist for her Manic Disorder!!!

Fun @ Work

I am currently on training right now for a new product of S-M-U-G (can't divulge the information, the company might sue me. Ashihihih!!! I was supposed to focus my 100 % on the said training but I just can't resist the urge and the temptation of posting a blog. I'm currently trying to think of a way to get my sweet revenge on those people who downgraded my capabilities and intellect. Those people who maligned me. But I guess having that sweet revenge is not really me at all. I'm not used to do revenge anyway. FYI guyz, I will go back to school this year but of course I still continue my job as S-M-U-G's handy gurl. Hahaha!!! As of this moment we are currently in Petiks Mode. Kay sarap ng buhay call center pag training. You are getting paid to seat down, access the internet without the hassle of receiving an IR. Beat that!!! Larv my job!!!

Rant with Pride

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I would like to believe I know how to rant with grace and poise. I was very disappointed 2 weeks ago when my immediate supervisor announced that I was included to the list of agent to be transferred to other LOB since according to him I am included in the bottom part of the staff ranking, only to find out later on that I was indeed the fourth in the said slot. I was really in rage. I almost breakdown. Thank God, the LOB I was with now is much better and much more fun. Loving the group. I will get my sweet revenge later on. I will have the last laugh!!!