Going 15 And Still Stronger...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Friends are a gift to our lives. Without them our lives would be so tasteless and incomplete. They are the ones we get by choice unlike our relatives who we have by chance.

I don't have a huge network of friends but the few that I have, I definitely can count on them. I know they would be there for me during thick and thin, during my ups and downs. I don't make friends with every passing day because I believe that friendship should be for keeps and I definitely treasure mine.

I love catching up with them whenever I can and though meeting them on a regular basis is nearly impossible. Thus, my good old buddy Noel decided to start a simple tradition. Whenever there's a member of our group who would celebrate their birthdays, we will all treat him/her for dinner and then we will party out until morning. In that way, we'll get to see each other once a month.

Last Saturday, was our first of many more to come celebration. Care if I share some pictures.

Since 1999... Going 15 years of friendship and still counting... #gngbrocks

We started our night with a simple dinner at 8065 Bagnet located at Estrella Street Makati City...

On to our second destination: Hard Hat Resto Bar and Grill located at San Antonio, Makati City

Laters Baby....