Music Lovah....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another song written by me.... I would like to thank Matt and Robie for this very unique song and its accompanied music. Enjoy the cliche part of the song!!!!


Verse 1:

Since you've been gone my life isn't the same

Memories of you is a picture inside a frame

I'm living the past full of sorrows and pains

Life without you is a paint without a name

Verse 2:

Dark and gloomy nights full of rain

Waiting for you outside in vain

Call me crazy but without you I'm insane

You're a frozen dreams creeping inside my brain


I'm moving in, I'm moving out now

I won't let you see me falling down

Days may gone by and nights are slow

But hidden tears can't stop to flow

Verse 3:

Life without you here by my side

Makes me wanna hold you through the night

No one can ever make it right

'Cause this love is what you need till next life

(Repeat chorus)


Head over heels

And rivers will flow

Taking its risks

Is what you need to grow

(Repeat chorus 2x till fade)

Music Playing....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Written this song with a friend!!! I don't know what got into me that all the words just keep on flowing in my head!!! Thanx Matt for this very wonderful song!!! It might be tagalog but the meaning will strike you definitely!!! This is for you!!!


Verse 1

Di ko malaman na kung bakit

Na ang puso ko'y hinahanap ka pa rin

Wag mo sanang limutin

Na hanggang ngayon ay nag-aantay pa rin


At sana'y tanggapin mo ang pagibig ko sa'yo

Ikaw lang ang laman nang puso kong ito

At sana'y patawarin mo kung ako'y nagkamali

Nais ko lang naman ikaw ay aking mahalin

Verse 2

Di ko nais na makasakit

Gusto ko lang malaman kung pwede kang maging akin

Wag mong isipin na nagmamadali

Dahil ako ay may nais lang na iparating

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3

Maari ko bang malaman

Kung ako na ba'y mapagbibigyan

Ilang taon pa ba ang aantayin

Upang ang sagot mo sa akin makarating

(repeat chorus 2x till fade)

Presenting Mah New Love Phoebe....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was a bit surprised to see a dog in our house. Mah god-sister Ate Jec bought one and it was so cuddly and lovely. We named her Phoebe. She is now the apple of mah eye. Take a glimpse of Phoebe...

Cable Car Madness

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I was so excited I haven't had any sleep for the past couple of days. I regret not having updated my blog though. I am currently living the high here in Sentosa. I miss riding the cable car that I already took a ride ten times already and still counting. I had the chance to explore the man-made beach and of course got to take in pictures. I am so glad I brought along my Nikon SLR. I was so thankful to Annie though. She had to take a vacation leave just to be with me all throughout. She is really the best Ate cousin I ever had. I was so busy I wonder when will I do the shopping brigades for all the pasalubongs I need to buy for my colleagues. I wonder if I can squeeze it to my very tight and hectic schedule. Take a glimpse on one of my shot taken while riding the cable car.

Welcome to Singapore

Monday, October 13, 2008

We arrived at Changi International Airport at around 3 in the afternoon yesterday. My favorite cousin Annie fetched us at the airport. It was really fun seeing her again. I realized I miss her so much. Me and Annie were best of cousins. Ashihihihhhh..... We shared almost everything even our deepest, darkest secrets. We arrived at her condo unit in Admiral Place in Sembawang around 4 in the afternoon. I did took a rest for 2 hours and then we headed to Bottle Tree Village near the beach for a relaxing dinner. I miss Singapore and its seafood. Tomorrow at around 1 in the afternoon we will all be heading to my favorite Singaporean spot SENTOSA!!! Cable car here I come. The above picture was taken by me....

School is Over....

Friday, October 10, 2008

School is over. Sem Break is up. I'll surely miss mah group of peepz. Tomorrow, I still need to go to school for clearance and to help mah favorite professor Mrs. Giselle macas check the Philippine History final exam. By the way, we had a Lakbay Aral tour yesterday and it was a huge success. We already passed the term paper a while ago and Mrs. Macas were very happy with what we did.

Happiness in betweens!!!

Hate Command...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have filed a vacation leave three weeks ago for one week set for next week, only to find out that it has been rejected by the command center. I hate it. I am really frustrated and at the same time aggravated since I have set a lot of plans for next week. One problem is I cannot get this boiling odium out of my system.

Fuck-ups and shits in betweens. . .

Back to Work....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

After one hell of a week lying in bed with nothing to do but to count a thousand of sheep to conquer boredom, I am back doing what I do best..... Taking in calls for an international phone company as Level 2 technical support agent. I was very blessed to be welcome back with warmth by my so-called group of peers.


Finals Week....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am currently cramming right now. This week is Final Examination Week already. I just can't believe that I survived one hell semester while working at the same time. I wish I could pass my exam with flying colors. I can smell the sweetness of semestral break already!!!

Still Sick but Recovering....

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am still sick and this has been going on for 7 freaking days already. I hate being sick since that means taking in medications from a certain period of time. I am not good at that. I have been pretty careful about the medications I am taking due to my very sensitive situation right now. i miss going to work and hanging out with my friends. I miss Mommy Chelle and Jefifay. I miss the ambiance but I can't do anything since I was advised to be bed ridden for a couple of days more. I hate this....