Movie Buff and Birthday Bash...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yesterday is one of the happiest moment in life. I celebrated my birthday together with my friend Marlon whom I miss so much since he is based in Antipolo, my sister and my baby... We did watch Iron Man. Yeahh, I know it was aired a week ago but being the busy me, I cannot afford to take a day off and watch it on time. I love the movie anyway. After the movie we went to Timezone. Heheh!!! I might be 23 but I still enjoy playing virtual games. After Timezone, we went to Kenny Roger's to dine out together. I love the celebration.

Iron Man for ME....

From the era of Superman and Wonder Woman came a hero that is human. Finally, Batman is no longer alone to save the world. I really appreciate Robert Downey Jr.'s superb acting along with Gywneth Paltrow. I love the effects. It exceeds my expectation. The effects surpasses that of Transformers. I love the movie!!

Hottie or Nottie
I Love
Paris Hilton
Can't wait to see the movie!!!