Steps in Moving On...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Step 1 

Hurt is accompanied by fits of unwanted tears, denial, and possibly a terrible drinking spree.

Step 2 

Anger is never pretty. You may plot revenge, or send mean well worded e-mails, say things that you really don’t mean, get grouchie with others, this may also be accompanied by terrible drinking sprees and tears.

Step 3 

Acceptance is hard also because in this step you must atone for your patheticness while hurt and deal with the things that you may have said or done when angry. This one may also be accompanied by terrible drinking sprees, possibly tears. 

 Step 4 

Recovery has many layers as well; this is when you put your life back together. You must try to scrape up what is left of your self-esteem and pride. 
 a) Time at the gym can help you obtain this, not only will it help to deal with stress you will look better, feel better, have more energy, and it passes time so you don’t think about anything else. 
 b) Find a hobby, take some me time and do something fun. 
 c) Find a hottie to frolic with. Possibly someone that you have drooled over for a while and just plain want. Shag their freaking brains out and SMILE. 

Laters Baby...