Loving or Being In-Love...

5:54:00 AM

February.... Love month... Again, I will be celebrating this month being single, not by fate though but by choice. Don't get me wrong, I've been in-love not once but twice. I've been friends with my exes not because I still want to cling on them but because I've learned to let go and have already accepted the fact that things won't always work out the way you would want it to be. Over the short course of my life existence  though, I've learned a lot. Call it a learning experience. Experiences that made who I am today.

Mind if I will share two cents of my thoughts?!? As if you have a choice... Hahaha... (insert LOL here...) Kidding aside, this is one serious post.... I've been having a writer's block for how many months now and today thoughts just seem to overflow... Let's start this.

True love does not bail at the first sign of difficulty. It doesn't mean you suck up all the wrong things and put up a statue of martyrdom as well. For me, love means compromising and deciding to meet halfway. After all you're not perfect so don't expect you're partner to be perfect as well. As the saying goes, "It always takes two to Tango".

You could love what you have right now but not be in-love with him/her. All the feelings of mush and goo could go down the drain. You just can't leave because you're too attached. Because it has become your comfort zone. Because it's very familiar and comfortable. Because of the unconscious mastery you've come to achieve in the relationship or probably because it's what you think you deserve. Whatever your reasons for loving your partner doesn't matter anyway. Some might find it irrational because love is and will always be subjective. 

But what truly matters is the conscious decision made by both parties to stay together despite all the hurdles that will come their way.It isn't easy, that I can attest to. It takes a whole array of self-sacrificing virtues and in-depth understanding to achieved the level of unconditional love. However, once you reach that state, life couldn't be much better...

Laters baby....

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