Thanx Mucho!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to those people who stand by my side after the turmoil that had just happened to me. Thanx mucho to my friends, to Jepoy, to Maya, to TC Chel, TC Jen and to Mac. I definitely know where to stand now. I am okay, beginning to move on and is trying to forget about what had happened. I know it will be long. moving on is not easy but at least a lot of people are trying to win my genuine smile back. I can't deny the fact that I am sad inside since according to Maya, a lot of people might seem to see me strong but she can definitely see in my eyes that I am not happy. I am trying don't worry guys!!!! Sooner or later this will end and I can say that I won the battle. Proudly say that I won the battle. I never did anything wrong. I have love deeply. Love in its sublime value but the only mistake I did is choosing somebody not worthy of all the love, efforts and sacrifices. You'll soon realized it at the end. Always at the end. I guess, Mac is right. I may have a wounded heart but at least I am still complete for I did my part in winning him back.

Thanx Mac for always being there for me!!!
In times of my ups and downs!!!
In times of my sorrows and heartaches!!!
In times of my hardships!!!
In times of my suffering!!!
In times that I am totally alone and deserted!!!
Big Thanx for accepting me as me!!!