To You Bastard...

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Bucket is Full....

I've been blessed with a group of friends that will support me all the way, their family that is super supportive and a loving supervisor, that I feel guilty to complain. I am currently down right now and I do admit that some of it was my mistake. I need to be strong for those people who loved me so much and is willing to sacrifice frantically everything for me.

Denial is a defense mechanism' postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

The next time you try to judge me, I suggest you take a walk in my shoe. Because I tell you, it ain't easy.

The next time you play the arbiter of someone else's life, check yours first. Is it wonderful? Is it clean? Does it bear no false act? Because if it doesn't, you won't hear a single thing from me.

The next time you spread a rumor about me, I'm gonna have to ask, is it the right flavor? Or maybe even, the right kind of bread?

I'm going to slap this to you for the first and last time. You declare your life is blissful and carefree now. You are showing me that you are so happy with what had happened. You are letting me feel the pain. You make me feel so bad and you are showing everybody else that you are doing fine and that you are blissfully correct. You treat mine as a curse, and something that is filled with sorrow and regret. If that be the case, if your life is so perfect, THEN WHY STILL HATE MINE AND WHY BEING SO BITTER ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED???!!!!???


How dare my ex-boyfriend insinuate that I could tolerate such a diabolical insult from a scrap of humanity such as Him. He had already proved to me and to my colleagues that He is no such thing as a wallpaper. Would that not be enough??? For a guy, he got himself a sharp tongue, talking to everybody about his woes, rants and blablahsss.

(BEWARE: That sharp tongue might kill you someday boy!!!) I can't imagined Him retreating without having to say the last word. And He did. My instinct once again proved it. He did retaliate. Well, I'll be the one whose gonna retaliate now!!!


Be ready, boy...... You'll gonna read one explicit blog. You're sick, insufferable. You're imbued with fanatical prejudice against girls like me and girls in my league and you are a chauvinistic pig. Doesn't it ever registered in that warp brain of yours that once upon a time we became lovers. We shared almost everything. You once swore undying love for me that now I am sure is untrue. It was just one of your sweet talks to capture my heart. It is only now that I realized that you are truly not in-love. And now, you're telling me I'm the one whose fabricating stories. Aren't you ashamed of talking shit like you are a bitch.... You are a fabricating, egoistic brute, Boy..... I admit I am still mending a broken heart. I am beginning to hate you for all the pains you've brought me through, but sooner or later I'll be doing fine. I won't hate you anymore for at that time I won't be in-love with you so there's no more reason to hate you at all!!!

In Excess:

I'm not posting this shit for nothing. Just want to prove to the whole web blog community, Girl Power. I'm not bitter. I just want to explain my side.