My First and Last

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got this from TC Chelle. Larv it!!!!

Everyone has their firsts:

First real best friend:
- Paul

First school:
-Blessed Elena Academy

First cell phone:
-Hay Motorola na pangkaskas ng yelo... (Postpaid pa in noon)

First funeral:
-My favorite aunt Mama Hilot...

First pet:
-Sexy (Japanese Poodle)

First big trip:

First fight:
-Way back in Grade 6...

First celebrity crush:
-Sabi ng Dad ko si Dingdong Avanzado daw!!!! (Ashihihihhh ^_^)

First time out of the country?:
-Hongkong (1991)

First job:
-Cashier in Jolibee...

First Myspace friend:

-Well, I can't remember my Myspace Log-in but I think it's Bows....

Everyone has their Lasts:

Last person you hugged:

Last car ride:
-Tryke... Ashihihihhh..=P

Last time you cried?:
-Last Night...

Last movie you watched:

Last food you ate:
-Weeww... Veggies

Last item bought:
-Maasim na Sampalok....Ashihihihihh...

Last shirt worn:
-Green Shirt

Last phone call:

Last text message:
-from Coffee Talker Jaypee...

Last kiss:

Last thing you touched:

-still on this keyboard

Last funeral:
-Mac's grandfather...

Last time at the mall:
-Last Friday... Our office is inside the mall.... Haler...

Last time you were excited for something:
-Don't want to remember...=P

Last person you saw:

Last thing you drank:

Last person that broke your heart:
-Forget it!!!!

Last time you were really honestly happy?:
-Today.... Ashihihihhhh!!!!