The Prayer...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Every night as I go to sleep. I always think and pray . . .

For someone who kisses me on my forehead and tell me now and then that he loves me.

Someone who sits by my side when I’m in a bad mood and calms me down just by his presence.

Someone who runs after me when I’m annoyed with him and hugs me tight until I can’t move away from him and forget why I was mad at him in the first place.

Someone who lays down in bed beside me, stare at each other, and just cherish the moment we have.

Someone who makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.

Someone who sees my mistakes but still accepts me and still feel like he’s really lucky that he has me as his girl.

Someone who brings me food and drinks, introduces me to his culture like he really wants me to be part of his world.

Someone who records his voice singing songs that makes me feel alive and beautiful and boosts up my self-esteem.

Someone who doesn’t seem to mind every silliness and stupidity I do when I’m with him, laughs at my corny jokes, and kisses me when I’m too talkative.

Someone who wants to travel the world with me, plans his future with me in it.

Someone who goes out with his friends, have fun with them, but calls me now and then so that I wouldn’t worry.

Someone who, after partying with his friends, goes home to me and tell me that he may have fun and enjoyed the company of his friends, but nothing compares with the happiness he feels when he’s with me.

Someone who tells me there’s no other place he’d rather be but with me.

Someone who brags to his friends about his awesome girl, someone who’s proud to be mine.

Someone who I woke up next to and find out that he stayed all night just staring at my sleeping face.

Someone whose voice I wake up to saying “I love you and you're mine, all mine, over and over again.

Someone who’s afraid to lose me and does everything not to.

And when I finally found the one I would thank God everyday.

I know deep down that that someone will be worth the wait.

Laters Baby....