Cable Car Madness

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I was so excited I haven't had any sleep for the past couple of days. I regret not having updated my blog though. I am currently living the high here in Sentosa. I miss riding the cable car that I already took a ride ten times already and still counting. I had the chance to explore the man-made beach and of course got to take in pictures. I am so glad I brought along my Nikon SLR. I was so thankful to Annie though. She had to take a vacation leave just to be with me all throughout. She is really the best Ate cousin I ever had. I was so busy I wonder when will I do the shopping brigades for all the pasalubongs I need to buy for my colleagues. I wonder if I can squeeze it to my very tight and hectic schedule. Take a glimpse on one of my shot taken while riding the cable car.