Music Lovah....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another song written by me.... I would like to thank Matt and Robie for this very unique song and its accompanied music. Enjoy the cliche part of the song!!!!


Verse 1:

Since you've been gone my life isn't the same

Memories of you is a picture inside a frame

I'm living the past full of sorrows and pains

Life without you is a paint without a name

Verse 2:

Dark and gloomy nights full of rain

Waiting for you outside in vain

Call me crazy but without you I'm insane

You're a frozen dreams creeping inside my brain


I'm moving in, I'm moving out now

I won't let you see me falling down

Days may gone by and nights are slow

But hidden tears can't stop to flow

Verse 3:

Life without you here by my side

Makes me wanna hold you through the night

No one can ever make it right

'Cause this love is what you need till next life

(Repeat chorus)


Head over heels

And rivers will flow

Taking its risks

Is what you need to grow

(Repeat chorus 2x till fade)