Dysfunctional O.M.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just received the worst news of the day from our beloved trainer. Our Petiks Mode training will be cut short. Instead of another long week training, ours will only last up to Wednesday and we will start taking calls on Thursday (half of the shift) and then the whole shift of Friday. And then suddenly another explosive news came from one of her subordinate. That subordinate announced that we will be taking calls tomorrow. Kala ko pa naman one week Petiks Mode pa. Hindi na pala. I think our O.M. has a Bipolar Disorder. One moment, she's cool, the next moment she will be super disoriented and dysfunctional. Loka-loka!!! She's actually the one who organized our schedule and for no apparent reason she changed it because she just want to. Hate her!!! I think that she needs to consult a psychiatrist for her Manic Disorder!!!