Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is what you do when you are restless...
I received this message from a friend and I find it so cute that I cannot resist the urge to post it.

"I just realized that I don't want to be attached."
---- DUH? Staple remover gusto mo.

"I am confused, I need time to find myself."
Here is a world map, go find yourself!

"We're too different for each other/"
Yeah right!!! Kasi tao ako, ikaw hayop!!!

"Narealize ko love ko pa X ko."
Sinong X? May pumatol pa sa iyo bukod sa akin? Akalain mo yun!

"You are too immature for me!"
OO na! Gurang na nga gusto mo.

"Kung talagang tayo, kahit saang sulok ng mundo magtatagpo tayo."
---- Walang sulok ang mundo! Bilog ito! BOBO!!!

Just to get serious!!! Here are some FACTS ABOUT LOVE!!!

FACT: When your partner wants you to meet his/her parents, you are into a lifetime relationship.

FACT: When a couple fights to much but not breaking up, they are really in-love.

FACT: When one says nothing is wrong, there is something wrong and the other needs to figure it our or they will be in one hell of a fight.

FACT: Love will last for a very long time if you would exert effort in making it stay!!!