I am Such a Couch Potato

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Laziness is one trait I have that I want to get rid off. I was too lazy to stand up a while ago, to go to work. One thing I did not experience way back when I was still in the DVD Department. Maybe I wasn't still being used to the thought that I am one of the STA Pipz now. Anywayz, I was having a hard time going to work. If only I was the kind of person who is not grateful, I would be lying in my soft bed fast asleep up to now. The only thing that is giving me drive to go to work are my friends and my trainer and some of the old people from STA that has been very nice to me ever since I joined S-M-U-G. Wish, I could bring back the well-driven me. Wish me luck guys!!!