The Real Meaning of the Name AIKA

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aika is a Japanese name meaning "LOVE SONG". I just want to share to you guyz the true identity of my name. According to numerology, my destiny number is 7, and people under 7 are spiritual in nature, has a scientific temper (uuhhmmmm???), an excellent preacher and teacher and can stand on her own feet. Looks like me.... Hahahah!!! My personal number is 5 and people under 5 loves freedom, they are intellectual and may be creative but they can't handle money that well... Akong-ako... They also love traveling and also like adventure and change and they love socializing. My soul urge number is the number 6 and people under this number loves domesticity, neatness (I'm super vain!!!), they also love beauty and are very keen on physical looks. Totally AIKA!!!