after you

After You...

10:31:00 AM

You stopped calling to say goodnight and so I stopped sleeping. Welcome to abnormal sleeping cycles featuring ‘I love you.’ the dark circles under my eyes aren’t temporary, but you are. Like when there is frost on the window and you’re scared to breathe because if you exhale to quickly it will disappear, this is how I love you.

Like when you rest your hand on something and the more you think about your hand being there, the heavier it feels. That’s kinda how loving you feels. you blind me with your sun then eclipse me with your moon before you give my eyes a chance to adjust. Being with you feels like a form of prayer and if God won’t bless you I will try my hardest to. But it’s like some sort of race I can’t get ahead of.

You know how some words sound cool but their meaning is underwhelming? That was us.

Laters Baby....

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