Chain Smoker...

10:04:00 AM

You we’re a chain-smoker. I knew this when I met you, leaning up against that brick wall like it was the only thing keeping you standing, smoking one after the other. You had that look in your eyes, the kind that said you were up for anything. My parents had warned me about the drugs in the streets but no one ever warned me about the ones with brown, expressive eyes and a heartbeat. And those, well let me tell you, those are the most addictive kind of drugs. The addiction came unexpectedly fast, along with the long nights and blurry eyes, everything was always kept a blur when you were around. My head stayed constant state of spinning. My dependence became stronger and stronger, the more I had you the deeper I was in… the harder it was to stop. You became the oxygen I needed to stay alive. My reason for waking up in the morning. My excuse for staying up late at night. Then one day, it all stopped. 

You were a chain-smoker and I was just another pack of cigarettes.

Laters Baby...

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