Deal with it or Die....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When can you say you have MOVED-ON???

When you feel that you are already moving on… When it feels like as if everything is alright and you think you are already doing fine. Contented with what you have and there’s an inner peace…. It will hit you…. And no matter how hard you try to conceal it, it will persist in pinching your heart that you still love him. Inside, you struggle to bring back your tormented pride…. You shake like a little child…. And you can never deny to yourself that you still have that lingering HOPE… You try to fight but you know you still believe that everything will be the same… that he still belongs to you for only you can feel that intensity of the emptiness of living alone. How sad it is, but reality will always sink in. You are still in-love with him. The guy who has broken your heart and even those principles you believed in…. The man who made you realizes that you are not what you always thought of….. The guy who made you weak with his kisses and embraces when you were confident that you are strong…. He made you realize that you can never live alone because you belong to somebody when you thought that you are independent…. All of these slams on your faces and crushes your heart…. When is it time to moved-on…. Wounds of the heart never heals…. And forever that person is thrust in you….