Gangzta Move....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I was raised by thugz
Schooled by killazz
Learned mah mathematics
Skills from drug dealaz
Tried to rise
But they tried meehhh
I guess they'll all gonna die
'Coz we tried
I'll die in this street
Blast 'till they recognize
'Till do or die
All mah niggaz getting high
Watching time flies
Best strategies on mah way
To profit
Best organize
How they ride so
They can't stop
Then keep it popping
A lot of bustah
Wanna see me fall
Now this new shit's
Gonna fade 'em all
Mah niggaz ball made a call
For some
The little hommies
And mag dawgzzz
On the black track
Buck, Buck was the sound
As their gutzzz burst
No need for ambulance
Baby bring the black nurse
Shoulda nevah fucked
Around bustah
How ya figure making moves
With the wrong nigga
If ya hear me shithead!!!!