I'm Tired of it All

Friday, September 12, 2008

Over this past two months, it became tiring, very irritating, and as peculiar as it may sound, most of the time it sucked the life out of me.

I am exhausted...

of all the judging,

of all the misconceptions,

of all the chaos,

of all the dilemma,

of all the drama,

of all the pretensions,

of all false beliefs,

of all the phony rumors,

of all the sugarcoated blahs,

and lastly,

of all those people who have done nothing but pull me down,

to hell with them.

I’m just dead tired of it all.

For once I would very much like to live my life to the fullest, live without people breathing around my neck while waiting for me to screw up. I am an imperfect person living in an imperfect world with imperfect Homo sapiens. We all got our own lives to live, leave mine to me. Just mind your own business and don't use me for your own sake since that would only lead you nowhere.

This is the extro side of me, signing off.