Stronger than Yesterday....

7:05:00 AM

Since he’s been out of my life things have been going smoothly for me. I mean, even if there has been a few rain showers and cloudy skies, so far the days have been A-OK. I guess everything really happens for a reason. Part of it is to make me a better person inside and out. Though, this very special blessing from God, they can’t take away from me. I finally did it. I cried and let it all out. All those frustrations that have been building and I’ve been hiding inside me are gone. However, the stress of school and work are still there and yet I think I’m going to be much better now. I have a lot of people around me who has been very supportive of this new road I am building. I still must to get through helluva lot work of paper works, assignments, reasoning and proving my worth to some persons, but yeah; I’ll be all right… I have to make it. I have to keep moving forward. Anyway, I have been surrounding myself with positive things and trying to overcome my fears and flaws. Whenever I feel that an argument is about to brew I try my best to keep my cool, say something that will not offend the opposite party - compromise, be patient and go on with life. Opportunities come and go… just like job interviews. You win some, you lose some. God will give the job that’s meant for me. Today I’ve learned that change is inevitable. It’s a huge part of life and we just have to get along with it. I learned that standing up for what you believe in; telling the truth, letting your feelings go and accepting change can ease the pain. I just hope that all people might realize this fact and just stop doing their nonsense thing and just mind their own business. I guess, time really flies, and I have been working as an L2 agent for quite some time now and still pursuing my dreams. Life can’t get any better!!!

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