Questions That is not Similar Yet Has an Impact...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

-The whole month of June and July. Circumstancial, yet not Mandatory, It is a free will and of my own choice. Never imagined I could do such thing though. Wouldn't wanna do it again. 

"If you were the opposite sex, would you go and date yourself?"

-I definitely would... Ashihihihhh...

"If you could ask God one question and he would answer you, what question would it be?"

-Why on earth does man lives to hurt woman?

"If given the gift of immortality would you accept it? Why?"

-No, I could not imagined myself living forever and see my loved-ones die right through my face. 

"Do you recall a time in your life when God sent you a sign right under your nose, and you failed to recognize it then and only got it afterward?"

-Yes, I just let it slipped away, pretending it is not the right sign.

"Would you choose love over career or career over love?"

-Love..... I am a sucker for romance.

"Do you believe that destiny brought you to where you are right now or is it your own choice that led you were you are exactly?" 

-I believe in DESTINY but part of it is because of my own choice.

"When do you know when enough is ENOUGH?"

-When all the sacrifices, pains and heartaches is still not being appreciated by someone you really love.... There... Enough is Enough na talaga. 

"Is seeing really believing?"

-Sometimes.... But I usually, realized it at the end na lang.

"Would you rather come back to the past or would you prefer to see the future?"

-Forget the PAST. Live the PRESENT. Dream the FUTURE.....