Juste Eu De La chance

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Juste eu de la chance meaning just got lucky!!! I'll save my Tagalog post later on. I would use such for bursting out and rambles though. Mind if I share some insights??? Feel free to join my world!!!

The Downside

The weather made me all irritable and emotional. Rain excites me since that means no classes and I will have the chance to give some phony excuses not to go to work and it makes me want to crawl into my sheets and watch Charmed the entire 24 hours but right now, I just don’t feel like it. Goodness Gracious!!!!

There are some things that made me realize that there are stuffs or people that are not just worth it.

Introvert. I reduce myself to the public eye whenever I don’t feel my eager side bouncing to a new level. Especially, when all I see and hear are false accusations from those nasty and annoying people who can’t do anything but spread false rumors.

I’m still Insomniac. Yip. Nothing has pretty much changed. I wish this would end soon for health reasons.

Shits and Fuck-ups in between.

The Ups

Friends who will join you over a Venti sized Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.

Friends who never gets tired of your whining and blahzzz.

Friends who are always willing to listen no matter what the fucking situation you are into.

Friends who are willing to drown over a bucket of beers or much better a bottle of Emperador at NiƱo’s Crib.

Friends who at no matter what, will always, always be there even if hell freezes over.

Friends who love you till the end and are very much willing to join you in the road never-ending.

And lastly,

Strangers who understand at one solitary “hey”.

It is only now that I realized, no matter what happens you can never be too unlucky in this world. Despite the million heartbreak and pains, bucket of tears caused by insensitive human being called boys ( don’t need to drop names here since the list is too long). There are always the reasons to smile and laugh you heart out.

** To my very loving friend Jeyza, Merci Beaucoup on always being there for me and for always defending me. Akap!!!!