The Devil Unleashed....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Because we need to be reminded once that we are indeed just HUMAN!!!

I try to be sympathetic. I try to be discreet. I try to be innately good most of the times. Not because heaven requires me to do so, but because sometimes it actually feels good to do that random act of kindness shindig. I wear no halo, no hidden wings at my back either. But there's this evil in me I struggle to veil every once in a while. I do not like saying things when I'm in fume; it brings further complication and regret. Believe me. There are only two people who have seen the real rage inside me and both of them doesn’t want to see that rage again. Fear is the key word in here. Tonight though, that slipped.

I was in real rage this morning. My mom caught an accident. Some mentally incapacitated weirdo suddenly attacked my mom and slashed her. The only problem is, the family of the person is some kinda Mafia… Who would like to deal with them??? I am still at rage and the problem is I haven’t gotten this boiling odium out of my system.

I went to work only to hear some phony excuses and rumors. I hate it. It makes me more angry and furious. I need to get this rage out….

Help me get this rage out!!!!